Jumat, 08 Juni 2018

My Birthday in Hongkong

It's a fresh destination to traveling in Asia for me after Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and this time is Hongkong! I'll celebrating my birthday here with husband and family. Never planed with travel agent each times we go to traveling, it's because we want to feel like a local people here and more exploring with enjoyable, curiously, patiently is we lost tho. I never knew about Hongkong before but I'm doing researching about this country. The temperature is sunny but windy right now, its about 12 in the evening and 7 in the morning. I do prepare for it surely! how lucky I'm. The next day we are going to a Disneyland, Peak Tram, Mong Kok for Ladies Market, Time Square, Fortress Hill and staying in Youth Square.

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