Kamis, 07 Juni 2018

Breakfast in London

I'm in London for 2 weeks more and exploring some shops here especially in Oxford street. I've bought vintage dusty sunglasses in Urban Outfitters, some rings in Camden Market, and so lucky found a fringe suede jacket in a market only 2 pond. The most favorite place in London for me is Shoreditch in East London. In Shoerditch here I've found many kinds of awesome graffiti's for me to took pictures, local young londoners thrift shops, unique restaurant like cereal cafe, Vinyl indie shops, local people chilin' with their friends and really different atmosphere with the city (Oxford street). I mean, this place is like for a young londoners to spend their time with friends because almost people here is just for fun and really fun. This place is not crowded maybe you can strolling around the street with a comfortable feelings. because however, I feel save. Have a nice day mate!

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