Rabu, 06 Juni 2018

Strolling in London Winter/Spring

London is the best place I ever knew as long as I did travelled in many times. London in the highest top in my bucket list before Switzerland and I've found so many kind positive impresses what can change my perception about 'a difference' especialy in their public transportation. let me tell about my experience in a London public transportation. first, at that day me and my sister went alone from the underground to got train to South Kensington and very unpredictable there's so crowded so full. Finally me and my sister can not sit on the train but suddenly a white hair man asked me to occupy his seat  and I'm so impressed. I said "well thanks so much". He didn't look my hijab and he didn't look because I'm a foreigner in his country. London has so many kind of unique stores, amazing cafes and restaurants, their daily outfits with trench coat and the people are so kind of course. I've found so easily many restaurants who selling many kind of halal foods what make his place like home. Liverpool Street Station is the hectic station in this town you can look at the picture, but the people doesn't care with each others because they're too busy to think about that I guess. 

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