Senin, 04 Juni 2018

Trip to Tokyo-Japan 2018/04

Hi! How's your day mate? hope everything well as usually. Finally I am arriving in Tokyo by Narita International Airport about in the evening and my husband doing these candid photos on my outfit anyway. Today I'm wearing an extra comfortable pants for my long enough flights about 6 hours with Japanese Airlines so.. in my mind said "okay, I should wearing super extra comfortable lose pants because for me, whatever what I should to wear it must make me feel pretty much comfortable. So.. move to others stuffs. I'm wearing a Dionysus bag from Gucci tho in this traveling, it such a sucks thing but can't do anything tho because I don't really prefer to bring a big or medium size of traveling bag in flight, I'm trying to make myself comfortable so I never bring a big size bag for me to take inside the flight. Honestly, I also bring a lot of stuffs in my bag and I haven't choice to put all these stuffs inside these my lil pretty bag. In the end.. my bag looking not good anymore, but it's okay. well.. I'm wearing a mid heel loafers by Gucci tho! yeah you starting calling me "crazy" at this time. In my first time visiting Tokyo, I just want to makesure from the airplane, I wish I can find my AIRBNB location. and that's right! I'm lost!!! can't not find the apartment about 2 hours OMG I just wanna cry at that time. it completing the saddest part in some minutes my two handphone battery are empty and totally turning off before I find the location. Suddently a kind young japanese guy come to me and to my husband to asking us to help find our AIRBNB location. Thank God with difficult way we find our place. Anyway, I'm having such a sadness troubling with acne in my face right now. I guess it is because I consuming an hormonal medicine from a doctor.. so sad :(

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