Jumat, 16 September 2016

I'm living with vintage 80s

I really happy come back to my Blog and starting back to writing again about my outfits style. Today I'm wearing vintage suede fringe jacket 80s that I've got from vintage clothing company. Totally I really really super like this suede jacket with awesome fringe and pockets and maybe this is will be one of my favorite jacket anyway. Pants and blouse basiclly from pull and bear brand that I've got by myself. Move to my scarf, my black scarf from a local designer and actually she is my close friend DIST clothing company, you can check her clothing collection in Instagram @distbyanindhita 

OK, move to my feet. I've got this wicked tan boots from Zara company with 6 size anx actually 38 in Indonesia size. I'll put it some review about this outfit anyway in my next video on YOUTUBE Channel. 
enjoy your day! xoxo 

Youtube Channel : Tasya Amelia Rangkuti 

Instagram : Tasyameliaa

Email: Tasyamelia@gmx.co.uk

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