Minggu, 18 September 2016

My Sunday in Honeycomb

Have you heard about this cutest dessert and drink cafe before? Me and my husband just spending our sunday for hunting new cafe and food's that we never try before and do some vlog during waiting our orders coming. Totally I like this place! First, the lighting of this place totally amazing. I can take pictures and vlog with bright and clear lights as you can see the results in the up there picture. Second reasons, that kind of food's are desserts and sweet drinks which is I like kind of desserts soooo much! I'm trying to order FROYO that's mean is frozen yogurt with many kind of toppings and I choose mochi with cereal. as you can see my husband trying to order coffee late ice. The rd reasons why I like this place is because actually honeycomb dessert and eatry rather close with my house, so yeah it's totally complete why I like this place so much, and for people who living in cibubur and want some desserts like yogurt, ice cream, waffle, taiwan dessert ice etc you must come and try their menu. I'll uploading new video on my YOUTUBE Channel about this place anyway, so stay tune! 

Thank you Honeycomb!
xoxo have a nice sunday. 

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